Friday, November 13, 2009

Brooke Hundley talks to 'Good Morning America' about affair with ESPN's Steve Phillips (video)

Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips (NYPost)

ESPN announcer Steve Phillips' former mistress Brooke Hundley broke down in tears on "Good Morning America" when she recounted Jay Leno's jokes about her homely looks in comparison with Hundley's pretty wife.

Hundley told GMA's Kate Snow it was bad enough when both tabloids and legitimate news media were covering the affair, but being made a laughingstock was the last straw:

... when Jay Leno was using my looks as part of his opening monolog to get a cheap laugh... that was my breaking point."

Hundley said she never intended to frighten Phillips' wife or to cause trouble for her. She simply wanted to draw attention to what was going on, which in her view was extreme sexual harassment. She said Phillips, who was her boss, used force to keep her trapped in the relationship and that she was frightened of what he would do to her career if she didn’t agree to continue with the affair.

I was in a situation where I felt like if I didn’t do what was asked of me then everything I had worked for, for the past six years, everything I had done to establish myself as a successful media professional, could be gone just like that.”

Here's the interview:


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