Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to California Aviation Services - Flight Training School

California Aviation Services is the primary flight school source for Initial Airborne Law Enforcement Pilot Training and Civilian Pilot Training in the United States. CA Aviation Services proprietary Career Course Training Program is designed for Professionals, and will have the Pilot qualified with a Private Pilot License in AS LITTLE AS 3 WEEKS.

California Aviation Services is the preferred flight school among career oriented students.

cessna 150 training with 747We offer:

  • Flight Training
  • Ground School
  • Housing
  • Aviation English Courses (ESL)
  • Pilot Training Career Seminars
  • DGCA Requirements Training

Additionally our Instructors assist out of town students with adaptation to the Southern California lifestyle during their stay.

Airplane and Helicopter Courses are conducted under the direction of our Chief Pilot (Leo Bell) who is an Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor with over 20,000 hours of flight experience, including Police, Firefighting, Major Airlines, and Flight Training.

Many of our pilot graduates are now news media pilots, charter pilots, airline pilots, firefighting pilots, and corporate pilots. In addition, Leo travels throughout the United States and several foreign countries conducting a variety of aviation courses and seminars.

Our professional staff is available for:

  • Private Courses
  • Commercial Courses
  • Instrument Courses
  • CFI courses
Fixed Wing / Airplane
  • Private Courses,
  • Commercial Courses
  • Instrument Courses
  • CFI courses

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