Lady Gaga has changed the way we view celebrity fashion. When Gaga hits a red carpet style watchers aren't just asking whether she looks good or bad, they're likely to ask, "Wow, is that a live bird on her head?" Each Gaga costume is a true work of art which is why PopEater wants to celebrate our top ten list of the wildest Gaga ensembles. The proof is in the pictures.

10. Phantom of the Opera at the VMAs

"Lady Gaga definitely likes to go over the top with her fashion choices. Wearing a mask is something that is guaranteed to get her noticed--and it's something other female performers aren't likely to copy, either," says Marissa Gold, Celebrity Style Editor of AOL StyleList. "Similar to Marilyn Manson, she's going for pure shock value and using her masks (like the full-coverage bondage-style one she wore to an MTV press conference, or the red-lace one she wore to the VMAs) to take her look one step further. Gaga definitely sees fashion as art, and for her, being innovative, bizzare, or ironic is how she expresses herself."