Saturday, November 14, 2009

New high-end device for networked home entertainment: TrekStor presents the MovieStation Antarius WLAN HD MediaPlayer

Lorsch, Germany, 11 May 2009
– TrekStor, the leading German manufacturer of external hard drives, USB sticks and high quality solutions in the home entertainment sector has announced the release of its first high-end product in the streaming client sector – the MovieStation Antarius – WLAN HD MediaPlayer. This new streaming client can be accessed by WLAN and Ethernet on an enabled folder of the home network and on the computer and displays the media data stored there on the television screen. The MovieStation Antarius can also play back music, photo and video data stored on USB data storage devices or memory cards on a television or stereo. Thanks to the HDMI™ (High Definition Multimedia Interface), standard video formats can be displayed in digital quality on the television screen, in HD resolution, and with sound. With its black shiny case, sophisticated aluminium design and high quality remote control, the MovieStation Antarius – WLAN HD MediaPlayer brings technical perfection and pure elegance into any living room. The new multi-media unit will be available from retailers and specialist dealers from 26 May 2009.

“We have increasingly worked on expanding and re-adjusting our product portfolio in the home entertainment sector over the last few months,” explains Daniel Szmigiel, Managing Director of TrekStor. “There is a distinct trend in the home entertainment sector towards extensively networking the living room with digital content and the world of the PC. With our new WLAN-enabled streaming client, the MovieStation Antarius, we are setting new standards by offering our customers a high quality eye-catching piece for networked entertainment with a particularly attractive price-performance ratio”.

The world of digital media displayed on the television in fantastic quality

Consumers want to watch MP3 files, videos, digital photos and DVDs from the comfort of their couch. But how? The new MovieStation Antarius – WLAN HD MediaPlayer multi-media unit obtains videos, photos or music in various ways; via the integrated memory card slot, via the two USB host ports by connecting a USB stick, hard drive, MP3 player or digital camera or by accessing the enabled folders of a computer or NAS (network attached storage) via the integrated WLAN and Ethernet connection.

Connecting via the HDMI™ means that videos can be transmitted directly in HD quality with a resolution of 1080i to a linked television. The MovieStation Antarius can play back HD films with the highest resolution currently possible – 1080p – making the HD MediaPlayer an ideal counterpart to the new HD flat-screen television. Even films in standard resolution (PAL) are automatically scaled to the selected HD output format. Thanks to the additional A/V connections, audio and video files can be transmitted to other output devices such as stereos or standard televisions.

Elegant design with the latest technology

The new MovieStation Antarius – WLAN HD MediaPlayer comes in an elegant black aluminium-design case and follows on from the successful TrekStor hard drive design range – the DataStation microdisk q.u and DataStation pocket q.ue. According to Daniel Szmigiel, the design and technology meet current customer requirements: “Even in the home entertainment sector, the design, colour, surface feel and overall composition of the device play a crucial role, in addition to the technology. Our customers don’t want a playback device in uniform grey – the MediaPlayer is part of the living room and as such needs to be presentable. This was very important to us when designing the MovieStation Antarius”.

The highlights of the new media unit
• Streaming client for the highest level of media entertainment
• HDMI™ output for the playback of films in HD quality
• WLAN connection for wireless access to the home network
• 2 hi-speed USB 2.0 host connections and card reader – films, images and music can be accessed from mobile data storage units and viewed directly on the television screen
• Movie and music player function and photo viewer
• High quality remote control

Technical details
The 189 mm x 189 mm x 27 mm MovieStation Antarius – WLAN HD MediaPlayer can access all the standard operating systems via Ethernet (10/100 MBit) and WLAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g) through a network share system. The player can access MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AC3 and MP4 audio formats as well as JPEG and BMP image formats. The supported video container formats AVI, MKV, MPEG and MP4 can contain the video standards MPEG1, MPEG2 to MP@HL, MPEG4.2 SP/ASP (e.g. Xvid to 1080p). The card reader is designed to read the memory card formats SD, SDHC, MMC and MS.

Price, delivery and availability
The MovieStation Antarius – WLAN HD MediaPlayer will be available from retailers and specialist dealers at a recommended retail price of € 139 from 26 May 2009. Delivery includes an external WLAN antenna, remote control including battery, power pack, AV adapter cable (3x Cinch), SCART adapter, (3x Cinch on SCART-IN), user manual and a CD.

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