Friday, November 13, 2009

The View celebrates Whoopi Goldberg's birthday with laptop, TV, camcorder, vacuum, Waterpik giveaway

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(AP Photo/Laurence Kesterson, Pool)

The View celebrated Whoopi Goldberg's 54th birthday in a big way, with Dr. Gadget coming by and giving away some of Whoopi's favorite things on The View to their audience -- find the products below.

Kool and The Gang also stopped by to help Whoopi celebrate her birthday -- as well as author Stephen King.

Whoopi said she wasn't shy about announcing her age, unlike Joy Behar, who said her own age gets stuck in her throat.

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Of course, The View audience came to life and seemed most excited about the next-to-last, penultimate segment, which featured the giveaway gifts that they knew they'd all be taking home including:

Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet by Waterpik that squirts water -- brushing and flossing teeth all at once.

The Bissell 89Q9 Lift-Off MultiCyclonic ... Pet Vacuum & Shedaway Pet Grooming Attachment, which they showed sucking pet hair off the furniture and an actual

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