Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jordan and Peter Andre Split

I really don’t like to admit it, but these two have actually grown on me since their ‘coming together’ in I’m a celebrity, get me out of here. Pin up favourite Jordan, and forgotten pop star Peter Andre met on the set of the ITV hit reality show five years ago and have hardly been out of the public eye ever since. jordan-in-the-jungleFormer ‘good time’ girl Jordan seemed to be changing her image from Party Girl to Perfect Wife & Mum, but recently the cracks have started to appear and she has slipped back to her old ways.

The move to separate and divorce appears to have been instigated by Peter, who has found it impossible to deal with the ‘boozy’ Jordan. He has told pals, “I have been so unhappy.” “I am not jealous of anybody until Katie is drunk. There’s nobody I feel threatened by when she’s sober. But if she’s drinking I know she is capable of anything. The devil gets insider her and she’s a nightmare. I trust her when she’s sober but I don’t trust her when she’s drinking.”

The news comes days after pictures were revealed showing a boozed up Jordan, snuggling up to a mystery man in a Bristol nightclub with her famous 32D assets on full display. The pictures were the “last straw” that made Peter Andre dump her. He said, “Katie has everything she could ever want – look at our beautiful children. She’s got a multi-million pound career and a dream home. But it’s like she is insistent on pressing the self destruct button”. “She is the most lovely woman when she is being herself and I will always love her. But in the end it all got too much to handle”. peter-andre1

Jordan is said to be devastated by the split and has issued a statement saying; “This is not what I want and the decision has been taken out of my hands. I will not comment further or do any interviews regarding the separation. But I will always love my Pete”. Yet only a few weeks ago, boozed up Katie was heard telling revellers in a nightclub that her marriage was over. She stunned the onlookers by flaunting her wedding ring and screaming: “This ring means NOTHING”.

Last night Peter arrived at the couples home in Woldingham, Surrey to find that Katie had fled abroad with their two young children, Junior age 3 and 21 month Princess Tiaamii. Katie had left her son Harvey with a nanny.

Odds were being offered by bookies of 2/1 that the celebrity couple would get back together again and 6/1 that they would renew their wedding vows for a glossy magazine.

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